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May the two always stay the way they are.
Like cuddling up forevermore to the days they’ll be sharing.

A timeless piece not affected by trends boasts a sparkle of originality within simple beauty.
And what can be more “like you two” than this one-and-the-only piece in the world?

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Based on our concept of “Eternaling”,
we create wedding bands, paying special attention to even the 0.1-milimeter detail
so that the rings can be a lifelong companion in the path of life the two will walk.
Our service, lifetime warranty includes maintenance and repairs of your purchased items
which are done one by one, by the hands of our craftsmen.

Engraving Service

Engraving of names and special dates on the inside of the ring is available upon request.
Feel free to ask the staff to find out more about the different engraving styles and fonts
you can choose from, depending on the design.

Diamond Quality for Engagement Ring

Quality of a diamond is evaluated through the following 4 international standards:
Cut (grade for how precisely it is cut and polished),
Carat (weight),
Color (grade for how little color it has),
and Clarity (grade of how clear it is).

Cut is the most important element in bringing out the shine of a diamond.
Diamonds are delicately cut in order to refract light in pre-calculated directions,
making the most of its highly refractive nature.
And it is when the gems are finally polished to recreate the precise angle
and the ideal proportion that they shine for the first time, ever so beautifully.

At ete we carefully select only the EXCELLENT-grade diamonds.

Carat is a unit of how much a diamond weighs, with 1 carat being 0.2 g.
While the number of carat is one of the important elements that decide the value of a diamond,
it is also deeply related to the quality of color, clarity, and cut.

At ete we carefully select only the EXCELLENT-grade diamonds.

The best color of a diamond is ‘colorless’. The less color it shows, the more rare it is, and thus it is valued higher.
Of the colorless diamonds, truly colorless pieces are labeled ‘D’, and from there,
they are evaluated and categorized as E, F, G, H ... to Z, which is the most tinted.

ete only selects diamonds from colors D, E, and F which are categorized as colorless.

Diamonds can be evaluated and categorized into several categories depending on their clarity.
Specialists use a 10X loupe for appraisal, and determine the clarity by checking for presence, position, type, and number of inclusion.
In G.I.A. system, the best rank in clarity is ‘FL’ (Flawless: no inclusion at all), and there are 11 ranks in total,
with the least favorable being ranked ‘I’, for inclusions visible to the naked eye.

ete only selects diamonds from the 3 ranks, VVS1, VVS2, and VS1 (limited to round-cut diamonds).

After-sale Service

Here at ete we gladly offer a lifetime warranty for our wedding rings to keep them shining forever,
and to provide you with peace of mind.
・Resetting loose stones
・Repairing deformations

* Some services may be subject to a fee depending on the condition of the ring and the repair content.
* When bringing in your ring for complimentary repair, please show your Proof of Purchase that we give you with your purchased ring.